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Digital Signage
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Digital Signage


GPO Kiosks feature sleek, vandal-resistant housing with various optional functions such as touch, embedded PC and networked multimedia players. Landscape and portrait orientations can be accommodated in addition to as custom colors, logos and additional smaller LCD panels below the main display.​


 Interactive reaction


For users, interactive touch kiosk provides Advertising·Building information·Instant photo sharing and e-guestbook via the touch screen that any place needs to share the information. The contents will be autorun just connecting the USB Port service.​Real status data shows on your mobile with the ACR application. 






GPO’Commercial LCDs provide true commercial-grade components in an attractive, clean, black metal housing.

Third-party logos may be applied to bezels upon request, as well as custom housing colors.​ 

 Commercial Display Options


M Series

  - Commercial Display Monitor

● T Series

  - Touch Display Monitor (IR, PCAP)

● 4K Series

  - 4K Display Monitor

  - Redundant (Dual Power) System -Option

  - SNMP Support - Option

  - IR (~98inch) or PCAP (~75inch) - Option​

● Mirror Signage Series

  - Mirror Display Monitor

  - Infrared Sensor - Option

  - PCAP Touch - Option

  - Built in Player (PC or Settop) - Option

  - Anti broken, Anti finger film - Option​

● OLED Signage Series

  - OLED Display Monitor

  -​ Can use 4k Videowall solution

​  - Flexible installation (Max 1,000R)

  - Use commercial glade Panel and parts

  - Auto dimming control

  - Auto temperature check and control fan

  - Real time clock

  - SNMP Option​

 Save Mnagement & Maintenance Cost ​(Optional)





 Redundant System ​(Optional)


It is a system that increases the reliability of the product by switching to Sub Power even if the main Power fails by using two power.

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